How Weather Affects Your Pest Problems

Pests are always looking for a warm, safe shelter and dependable food source. Unfortunately, some of the more alluring places that attract common pests are our homes!

Since pests are influenced by the seasons, the threats they pose shift as the weather changes. To keep pests out and protect your home from invasion it is important to be aware of seasonal pest patterns.


Winter - Pest Hibernation

For most insects, colder winter weather indicates that it is time to find shelter. Some insects hibernate to conserve energy and avoid harsh climates. Others may migrate to warmer weather. Bees and wasps tend to shelter in logs, trees or eaves of homes, while ants retreat to their nesting sites. Most of these insects survive the winter months by establishing a safe place to outlast the weather outside.


Other pests, such as mice and rats, are not as tolerant of the winter months and may come looking for a safe retreat inside your home. Therefore, it is extremely important to protect your home from potential pests by taking the proper precautions in the fall months to defend your home. 

Spring - Insect Awakening and Mating

In the spring, temperatures warm and the flowers bloom. With this mix of warmth and moisture pests emerge and activity starts to increase. Bees and wasps awaken from their dormant state, termites will swarm and excess rains might bring ants indoors in search of higher-ground.


Springtime is also mating season. Although pest activity increases in the spring, the vast majority of pest movement and patterns tend to occur outside of the home as pests seek food and water and look to mate. Some pests, however, will be looking for protected places, such as your home, to build a nest. You should be mindful of any changes you notice inside your home, such as a pile of bug wings or ant invasion. If you remain aware of regular insect patterns around and in your home each spring you'll notice abnormal insect or pest behavior and that is the time to call a pest control professional. 

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