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Opossum Removal & Control

Is it Opossums or Possums? That really doesn’t matter, because in either case, they can be a real nuisance especially around New Orleans. People and opossums generally don’t mix well, because this animal often likes to invade the human’s space. Opossums like living in attics or under a deck or a raised house.

If you are dealing with an opossum control problem in your metro New Orleans home or business, it’s time to call DIAL ONE Franklynn Pest Control to get rid of those opossums in a humane fashion. We are state certified wildlife control specialists, and opossum control and trapping is an important part of the nuisance wildlife control program offered by DIAL ONE Franklynn Pest Control. 

Opossums are scavengers. They’ll steal your garbage and worse spread it across the neighborhood. They can give your dog nasty bites as well as steal that dog’s food regularly. They distribute fleas and other parasites to your animals. They can turn your attic into an opossum outhouse, and you won’t like it at all. You can also wind up with a dead opossum in the walls, and you will like that even less.

If you are dealing with an opossum problem in your metro New Orleans, home or business, DO NOT try to remove the animal yourself! Opossums can be very dangerous when frightened or cornered, and have sharp claws and teeth which can injure pets as well as people.

We know how to humanely catch and remove tough pests like opossums  in the Greater New Orleans area

DIAL ONE Franklynn Pest Control is a state approved wildlife removal company. We do nuisance wildlife removal the right way with trap and release techniques.