What to Do when a Crane Fly Swarms Your Home


What are Crane Flies?

Have you seen these flying insects everywhere in your yard and sneaking into your house? They look a lot like giant mosquitos, but don't worry! The crane fly is harmless, and no pest control services are needed. But because you can never be too informed, here are a few fun facts.

·         Adult crane flies are most commonly found in low, leafy vegetation around streams and lakes. But during this time of year they are common in urban areas around houses and doorways.

·         These flies are most apparent each year in our state during the late winter/early spring.

·         Crane flies are commonly called “mosquito hawks,” contributing to their reputation as dangerous pests. The name usually comes with the belief that these clumsy, long-legged insects are predators, but that’s not true. Crane flies are among the gentlest of insects!

Some crane flies are nectar feeders and other species lack mouth parts entirely. The adults live out their short lives relying on fat reserves built up during their underground larval stage.  Crane flies can be distinguished from mosquitoes by their larger size; but also by their wings, which lack the scales found on mosquito wings.


What is a Crane Fly doing in my home?

The sole purpose of the adult crane fly is to mate and, for the females, to lay eggs for next spring’s crop of flies. If you have more than one crane fly in your home, it’s possible a female fly laid her eggs in a houseplant that was outside at some point. Luckily, crane flies are harmless to handle, so the next time one makes its way indoors, simply cup it gently to release outdoors.

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