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Tick and Flea Control

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Living along the Gulf Coast sometimes presents unique challenges when it comes to pest control, and managing fleas in house or yard, and tick control in New Orleans is no exception. Fleas and ticks thrive in warm weather where their entire reproductive cycle may be completed within two weeks. Few places as warm as New Orleans, especially in the summer months!

Pets are the most common source of a fleas in house or tick infestation. They get fleas from some other flea infected animal. An infected cat, dog, or even a raccoon or opossum may have went through your yard or neighborhood and the female flea laid eggs. Your pet may potentially carry these pests into the home, but they may also enter the home even if you don’t own a pet. There are many cases where fleas and ticks may attach themselves to your clothing, or even enter a home or business through an open door or crevice.

Fleas on leg

Fleas on leg

Once inside the home or business flea eggs begin to hatch, and flea larvae remain hidden within crevices and beneath carpeting. Vacuuming is sometimes successful in ridding the home of a portion of these eggs and larvae, but prior to using any chemical treatment, contact your local DIAL ONE Pest Control professional for a free inspection.

Ticks present a different problem, as tick control is not the same as flea control. Ticks will seek hidden locations within a home or business, so repairing cracks or holes in the walls as well as keeping grass cut short may help prevent infestations. However, if these methods do not work, contact DIAL ONE Pest Control before attempting any type of chemical treatment.

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