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Ant Control

Are you tired of unsuccessfully trying to get rid of ants from your New Orleans area home or business using “do it yourself” methods? Or are you seeing new ant problems in places where you’ve never seen them before? No matter what your issue is with ant control, we can help by providing professional elimination of the problem.

As part of the after effects of Hurricane Katrina, specific ant populations in the New Orleans area have developed a stronger foothold in the local community. A few of the flood-adapted ant species, including the red fire ant (indigenous to the South America Paraguay River floodplain), became suppressed, due to the flooding conditions. As a result, the more aggressive ant colonies developed larger populations that are posing significant problems to the residents of New Orleans.

Effective Ant Pest Control Management

While there are specific seasons of the year that the ant population tends to increase, many of the threats they produce at residential homes happen year-round, in the south. Using a variety of ant pest control methods, exterminators offer ongoing protection for all the ants in the area that include:

Acrobat Ant         Argentine Ant      Carpenter Ant       Citronella Ant      Crazy Ant
Field Ant        Fire Ant       Ghost Ant       Harvester Ant       Odorous Ant      N. Asian Needle Ants
Pavement Ants        Pharaoh Ant       Thief Ant

Pest Control – Louisiana Style!

We are proud to be a true, local Louisiana company, owned by Gloria Lynn Azzarello and Joseph Frank Azzarello. Mr. Azzarello is one of the few board certified Entomologist working in the pest control industry in Louisiana. We’ve been around since 1969.