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Commercial Pest Control


DIAL ONE Franklynn Pest Control offers a full range of pest control for New Orleans area commercial buildings and industrial sites, including termites, rodents, ants, roaches and other pests found in Southern Louisiana. Our commercial pest control service will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your employees, customers and facilities are protected from pests.


Commercial Pest Control New Orleans, Nola Pest Control
Nola Commercial Pest Control, New Orleans Commercial Termite Control

Why Choose Us for Commercial Pest Control:

  • Entomologists on staff

  • Specialized pest identification so you get the right treatments

  • Trained, experienced staff

  • Protect your work environment & employees

  • On going pest management & control tailored to your needs

Commercial Pest Removal

Commercial pest removal

Our team of pest control experts has the knowledge and experience to treat an array of pest infestations. Has a termite colony taken over your construction site and materials? Are roaches appearing here and there in your restaurant or office building?

Our professional exterminators will thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of your building to find and eliminate any pests they come across. Additionally, we’ll evaluate your outdoor landscaping and structures as well as interior entry points and hidden areas to ensure that all of the access points your pests are using are sealed off for good.

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Safe Commercial Pest Control Services

Your safety is always of the utmost concern to our commercial pest control experts. That is why we work hard to learn all of the latest advanced techniques as well as invest in the highest quality products to make sure that everything we do is performed in a safe environment.

Why is safety important during pest control services? By creating a safe and secure environment, we make sure that the chemicals we use only get to the desired pests instead of contaminating your regular work space, which can lead to sickness and other health issues. You, your employees, and your customers will be able to enjoy their surroundings without fear of bugs, insects, pests, or chemical residue when you choose to have our talented team of pest control technicians provide you with our high-quality commercial pest control services.

Pest Control – Louisiana Style!

At DIAL ONE Pest Control, we are proud of our strong community ties. Locally owned by Joseph and Gloria Lynn Azzarello, we are a true Louisiana pest control company — in business since 1969. Mr. Azzarello is a Board Certified Entomologist, one of the few working Entomologist in the Louisiana pest control industry.