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Rodent Control

It’s usually easy to know when you need a qualified rat and mice control company. You’ve seen one running across your floor late at night or you’ve see what they left behind next to your garbage can.

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  1. Perform a Thorough Inspection. We inspect the inside and outside of your home or business to document all rodent activity including their possible entry points.

  2. Create a Customized Elimination Plan. We will make recommendations specific to your rodent problem to best ensure 100% elimination of the rodent problem. This may include some combination of baiting and traps, as well as specific recommendations on sealing potential entry points and removing sources of foods that the rodents may be drawn to.

  3. Sanitation. Depending on the severity of the problem, we may recommend a procedure to sanitize the home or business to prevent the spread of disease.

  4. Follow Up. Complete elimination of a mouse or rat problem is not often done with a single visit. Our trained technicians will make follow up service calls to your home or business to check baits and traps, as well as ensure the entry points are successfully sealed.

  5. Your 100% Guarantee. DIAL ONE Franklynn Pest offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all elimination with exclusion work we provide.

Pest Control – Louisiana Style!

We are proud to be a true, local Louisiana company, owned by Gloria Lynn Azzarello and Joseph Frank Azzarello. Mr. Azzarello is one of the few board certified Entomologist working in the pest control industry in Louisiana. We’ve been around since 1969.