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About Us

DIAL ONE Franklynn Pest Control Co., Inc. is a Louisiana Corporation started in 1969 by Joseph Frank Azzarello, Jr. and his wife Gloria Lynn after both had graduated from college. Joseph and Gloria had full-time jobs at that time and worked on developing the pest control business during their spare time.

By 1971, the business had grown considerably and required Azzarello to quit his full-time teaching position and wholly dedicate his efforts and energies to the further development of Franklynn Pest Control Co.

In 1972, the first full-time employee was hired to assist in satisfying the service needs of a growing customer base. The business was relocated from the Azzarello residence to a commercial property purchased to handle the needs of their expanding business.

In 1975, Azzarello received a masters degree in Public Health from Tulane University. This professional degree, coupled with his Bachelor of Science degree in Entomology from LSU, directly impacted the credibility of the company in the business and professional community and contributed significantly to the company’s continuing growth.

In 1976, Azzarello became the first and now one of the few Board Certified Entomologists in the state of Louisiana working in the pest control industry.

The company continued to expand and in 1983 a new 12,000 square foot facility with offices, warehouse and laboratory was acquired by Azzarello. It is located at ll0 Phlox Avenue in Metairie.

In 1985, Franklynn Pest Control became part of the DIAL ONE network of service businesses. The decision to become a DIAL ONE member was made after a careful analysis of the property service industry in southeast Louisiana and the advantages that local networking provides.

Our Team

Pest Control Department Manager - Ken Plaisance with the company for 16 years with the company.

Termite Department Manager - James Clement - 17 years with the company.


Other long-time employees:

Lloyd Folse, 36 years

Marcus Azzarello, 10 years

Gloria and Joe Azzarello, 45 years

Marcus Azzarello
Technical Sales and Service

Marcus Azzarello is our Technical Sales and Service Representative and has been getting rid of bugs since he first joined Dial One Pest in 1992! Marcus has worked in every phase of the pest control business from learning how to spot infestations under raised houses to trapping dangerous nuisance wildlife and everything in between!

Marcus was graduated from LSU with a degree in Landscape Architecture and has spent time in the landscaping industry where he learned about the management and care of trees. He also has experience in the real estate industry which has helped him gain a greater understanding of how and where pests can thrive in many different types of houses and building structures.

In his current role, Marcus works with customers to help diagnose pest problems and prescribe a customized treatment plan for every situation. He also helps make specific recommendations for what you can do to your home or business to help ensure the pest problem doesn’t come back after it is initially treated. Marcus handles many of our residential and commercial accounts, and is also available for emergency service after hours and on weekends.

Safety is paramount at DIAL ONE Pest Control and we provide fully qualified staff to help resolve any wildlife conflicts you may encounter. In fact, our own Marcus Azzarello and Ken Plaisance are two of only a handful of NWCOA Certified wildlife Control Experts in the state of Louisiana!

Pest Control – Louisiana Style!

At DIAL ONE Pest Control, we are proud of our strong community ties. Locally owned by Joseph and Gloria Lynn Azzarello, we are a true Louisiana pest control company — in business since 1969. Mr. Azzarello is a Board Certified Entomologist, one of the few working Entomologist in the Louisiana pest control industry.