Formosan Termite Swarming Season in New Orleans

termites copy.png

Recently we saw the first formosan termite swarm of the year. As usual they took to flight about 8:15 PM. The conditions were right and the swarm lasted about 20 minutes. As they flew out of their nests they were attracted to night lights on houses and lamp posts. 
The timing for this first noticed swarm was just a little early. Traditionally, Formosan termites perform their first major swarm of the year around Mothers Day, (mid May) in the New Orleans area.
These swarms produce millions and millions of termites in a very short span of time. It is best to turn off house lights between 8 and 9PM during the swarming season, May 1 to July 1,  to diminish the number of swarming termites entering your house.

To Learn more about termites in New Orleans click here and you can view some of our termite videos here.

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