The To Do List for Flea Control

Pets are the most common source of fleas in house or a flea infestation. They get fleas from some other flea infected animal. An infected cat, dog, or even a raccoon or opossum may have went through your yard or neighborhood and the female flea laid eggs. Your pet may potentially carry these pests into the home, but they may also enter the home even if you don’t own a pet. There are many cases where fleas may attach themselves to your clothing, or even enter a home or business through an open door or crevice.

Once inside the home or business flea eggs begin to hatch, and flea larvae remain hidden within crevices and beneath carpeting. Vacuuming is sometimes successful in ridding the home of a portion of these eggs and larvae, but prior to using any chemical treatment, contact your local DIAL ONE Franklynn Pest Control professional for a free inspection.

Fleas develop through a complete life cycle, that is the egg hatches into the larva which feeds on organic material and then becomes dormant as the pupal stage which then matures to the blood sucking adult flea. 
On the average, the flea life cycle is 21 days, (eggs - 3 to 5 days, larvae -
7 to 14 days, pupa - 4 to 8 days, adult) at which time a second treatment must be made to insure control. Keep in mind that the chemical takes time to work. In fact, an increase in flea activity may be experienced between applications. 

Preparation for Inside Treatment:

  • All pets should be on a flea preventative program
  • Pick up all clutter throughout your home
  • Vacuum the entire house including uncarpeted surfaces and under furniture
  • Discard vacuum bag or container outside after each time vacuuming fleas
  • Dial One Franklynn Pest Control will provide the service shortly after the entire house has been vacuumed. During the services we recommend people and animals should stat out of the house until the product dries, (4-6 hours). Young Children and babies who spend time on the floor should stay out of the house for two weeks. 
  • Vacuum the house four times per week after the series for one month. You may notice fleas getting worse before they get better, but they will suddenly disappear soon after.

Since all flea infesations originate outside the house, both inside and outside must be treated simultaneously in order to guarantee control.

Preparation for Outside Treatment:

  • Cut the grass
  • Remove personal items and debris. 
  • Pet droppings should be removed by you since this is a primary source of larvae food.

Our formulation for outdoor spraying incorporates a "sticker" which after drying, helps prevent the rain from washing away the treatment.

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