Pest-Proofing Your Home


A few common-sense tips you can use to keep pests out.

When the weather gets extremely hot or cold, pests will search for ways to enter your home in large numbers. You need to understand what attracts insects and rodents indoors in order to truly pest proof your home. Pests are just like humans, they need food, water, and shelter. By eliminating the food source and their hiding spots, you eliminate the likelihood that these pests will make your home, their home.


Make Sure Your Doors Are Sealed

You will probably be surprised by the amount of gaps that are available for pests to squeeze through. In order to completely seal the door, you can add weather stripping around the door. In addition to doors, it is also very important that garage doors are sealed as well. Many pests are able to fit through small openings in garage doors. 

Make Sure Your Windows Have Screens


It is recommended that the screen size is 20 mesh or smaller to keep most pests out of your home.

Maintain Your Yard

Keep your lawn cut and trim all shrubs and hedges often. Remove and prevent standing water that may gather after a rain storm. 

Repair Cracks on the Exterior of Your Home


Any size crack or hole on the outside of your home can provide an entrance for pest such as roaches, mice, ants, and more. Look around your home very carefully and inspect the exterior for any cracks in your foundation or siding that would allow pests entrance. It is also important to replace any rotting siding or trim as they are extremely susceptible to termites.

Cover Openings on Home


Chimneys are a great gateway for pests of all kinds to enter into your home. You must use an approved chimney cover, such as shimmy cap or vent cover to prevent pests like birds, squirrels, raccoons and others.  In addition, most houses have crawl spaces that are seen as havens for pests of all sorts. To block these crawl spaces, you should also install wire mesh over the opening to prevent pests from coming in but allow for continued air flow. 

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