Don’t get paranoid (yet), but fleas can cause more than itching or skin irritation. The problem that exists and is not recognized , will give you the willies and your child tapeworms. Specifically , tapeworm can infect humans in a very unusual way.

Assume you are a cat lover that has an inside / outside cat, one that possibly has a pet door which allows your pets easy access to outdoors. Inevitably the pet will be exposed to fleas. Sooner or latter a flea population will appear in your home. Even if the flea control you use on the cat is effective, there will be fleas in the house, even if it the infestation is brief . The problem arises when that occasional flea has tapeworm eggs in its stomach . The flea larvae pick up the tapeworm egg / larvae from the soil that is infected from cat or dog feces. 


The parasitism occurs when an infant or toddler accidentally swallows an infected flea. IT HAPPENS, according to the Center for Disease Control. 

Prevent this from happening by using your veterinarian services for your pet and a qualified pest control company to rid your property of fleas, inside and out.

Joe Azzarello
Board Certified Entomologist