Wasp can be aggressive or docile. You need to know which is which to be safe.
The social wasp you see under eves and in shrubs that make "paper" nest, are the aggressive ones.The paper nest resembles a saucer shaped, multi celled disc "colony". Each cell contains an immature wasp.The mature wasp that sit on top of the nest are mostly workers that feed and defend the colony.It's these workers that do the stinging and because they act as a single unit , they attack simultaneously, causing much havoc. BE CAREFUL.

The solitary wasp, such as mud daubers, that build those mud tubes around the exterior of your house, are not aggressive and are single solitary wasp that don't attack. THE TUBES CAN BE REMOVED WITH A HOSE AND A BROOM STICK. If you ever have a question or need assistance, please contact DIAL ONE Franklynn Pest Control. 

Joe Azzarrello
Board Certified Entomologist