Zika has been in the news for several months. It certainly is a problem for those who are infected. There are many mosquito related illnesses worldwide. Thankfully, infections occur mostly in third world countries.

The mosquito that carries the virus is found breading in small containers that collect water every time itrains (ex. Flower pots, abandon auto tires, garbage can lids, vases, bowls, and standing puddles and the like). It is thought to be an urban pest that can be controlled by vigilance on the part of the city andsuburban residents. If the breeding sites are removed the mosquito has less chance to reproduce. Ades egypti, the mosquito that has also caused Yellow Fever breakouts in the States during the last century has been around a long time. A new comer to the US is Ades albopictus and has taken up residence to continue proliferating. Ades moquitos are active at dusk and dawn and can even bite into the day. Use mosquito repellants and protective clothing to diminish bites.

Many companies are selling machines that fog outdoor areas on a regular basis, whether the mosquitos are present or not. This is probably not a good approach for the environmentally aware. As citizens of Louisiana, we pay for mosquito control provided by various mosquito abatement districts. This service is provided by professionals that are trained to identify mosquito populations and apply the proper control procedures.

If you are planning an outdoor gathering, there are independent pest control companies that will provide temporary mosquito control for the duration of the affair. Remember, mosquito control is a community problem and spotty, hit and miss applications have limited effectiveness. Your involvement in removing breeding sites is necessary. The parish mosquito control people will take care of the rest.