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Hear Noises in Your Attic?


Attics are the perfect hideaway for animals to build a home because they are rarely visited, typically full of storage boxes or hold holiday decorations, and they stay warm even in the winter months. Simply put animals tend to love them. Having animals in the attic is common. You often don’t know they are there until you start hearing noises, seeing droppings or worse.








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We offer full service Residential Pest Control including emergency service calls and regular monthly pest control maintenance, even with tough pests like bed bugs.  We also offer Termite Control that can help you protect your home from swarming Formosan termites as well as Commercial Pest Control for industrial and commercial buildings and facilities. Since 1969 we have been serving families and businesses throughout southern Louisiana and New Orleans by providing high quality service preformed by highly trained pest specialist. 

We are a State Certified Wildlife Removal Company. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries does not provide nuisance animal control or removal services. Instead, the state does license certain individuals and companies to provide these pest control services. DIAL ONE Franklynn Pest Control maintains a permit with the State of Louisiana as a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator, which means that we understand the best way to handle these types of wildlife safely and effectively.

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Rat snakes occur in most habitats in Louisiana, but seem to reach their peak abundance in areas containing a mixture of pastures and woodlands.

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The Formosan Subterranean termite is  considered to be the most destructive insect pest of wood and other cellulose materials in New Orleans, and Southeast Louisiana.

What to look for when staying at a hotel. Dial One Franklynn Pest Control can provide services to help identify and treat your problems for all your pest control needs.